Goes To Telomoyo Summit

According to wikipedia, Telomoyo Mountain is a mountain located in the Semarang Regency and Magelang District, Central Java. This mountain has an altitude of 1,894 m above sea level and is a volcano shaped like a cone but has never been erupted. it was seen from surrounding cities, such as Salatiga, Ambarawa, and Secang, Magelang.

This mountain is flanked by Mount Merbabu, Mount Andong, Mount Sumbing, and Mount Ungaran. It is formed from the southern side of Mount Soropati which has eroded and collapsed since the Pleistocene. As a result of this collapse, a U-shaped basin is formed. Mount Telomoyo appears to the south of this depression as high as 600 m from the bottom of the basin

since a long time ago, i’m corious what’s at the top of the Telomoyo mountain. Then some day i have bravery to go there alone. I start my journe form my home at dawn, base on google map distance my home to telomoyo is about 77,8 KM in normal way, but i choose to village road, unnamed road on google map.

My fisrt aim is Banyubiru Ambarawa, then i choose to pass through vilage road to the kendal duwur vilage.

Desa Kendal Duwur

Even though it’s the village road but the road quality is good, after pass through the village, the view change to tree’s and fog, so cold and fress. becouse still morning i dont meet anyone at there. it’s make problem when i lose my cell phone signal, so my google maps stop working and in fornt of me there is T-junction. I stop and waiting for a while to ask people whicth one i choose, turn right or turn left.

There’s nobody to ask

After several time no body there i choose to turn right, i don’t know it’s right desicion or bad decision couse for me, i dont care if i’ve lost couse i enjoy the ride. I think i drive alone there, see no body, only tree and vegatbele plants. after a half hour drive, there is T-junction again, but lucky me, there is someone i can ask. He said to me to turn left.

Even though unpredictable conditions and danger lurking behind every turn, but i enjoy it, the situation so quiet no jammed, no horn.


It’s so cold for me in here, so i rest fow a while in Sere Wangi restaurant ejoy “Mie Godok Magelang” and hot tea.

prepare before start

in the parking ground telomoyo, i ask the tiketing man, how situastion on the top and did someone ever climb telomoyo mountain with yamaha XMax. He tell me maybe i’m the firts one to use Xmax climb this mountain. so it make me excited to do it.

Alhamdulillah top of Telomoyo Mountain

the road to the top op telomoyo mountain is very damaged, in here we called “kali asat” it’s mean dry river. full of rock, in my opinion use big matic verry dificult, but alhamdulillah i can make it.

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