Goes To Telomoyo Summit

According to wikipedia, Telomoyo Mountain is a mountain located in the Semarang Regency and Magelang District, Central Java. This mountain has an altitude of 1,894 m above sea level and is a volcano shaped like a cone but has never been erupted. it was seen from surrounding cities, such as Salatiga, Ambarawa, and Secang, Magelang.

This mountain is flanked by Mount Merbabu, Mount Andong, Mount Sumbing, and Mount Ungaran. It is formed from the southern side of Mount Soropati which has eroded and collapsed since the Pleistocene. As a result of this collapse, a U-shaped basin is formed. Mount Telomoyo appears to the south of this depression as high as 600 m from the bottom of the basin

since a long time ago, i’m corious what’s at the top of the Telomoyo mountain. Then some day i have bravery to go there alone. I start my journe form my home at dawn, base on google map distance my home to telomoyo is about 77,8 KM in normal way, but i choose to village road, unnamed road on google map.

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Mesa Stila: Scenery, hospitality and Delicious Coffee


Entering the gate of Mesa Stilla Resort, I seemed to be dragged by a magnet to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery against the background of Mount Merapi. It is remarkable that the ancient buildings that have changed function become a comfortable place for tourists to stay. Uniquely shortly after entering this area I was greeted by an ancient building which was previously the Mayong Station train platform. It turned out that the train platform was indeed carried out to be extraordinary.

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Creatures of Kaligarang, LPMP Jateng Another Story

hanya ilustrasi, sumber https://i.ytimg.com/vi/xfn5rgPR-uM/hqdefault.jpg

One of the big rivers in Semarang that divides hill land of Semarang is Kali Garang. This river separates two educational institutions in Semarang, namely Unnes on gunung pati and LPMP JATENG on the other side, srondol. currently both srondol hills and Gunung pati are very crowded, different from conditions 20 years ago, when not many people live here. lots of fields, rice field and small river. People live wit another creature at that time. One of The creature of the Kali Garang has characteristics, unique and different from other regions. The author himself is interested in writing after hearing stories from indigenous people who experience, see, events meeting and interacting with these creatures.

The creature of the Kali Garang that according to the author is unique that the original form has never seen details in its entirety, only a few physical characteristics that are identified, for example having light like lanterns, having beaks like birds, moving like birds. While the characteristics of habits are appearing at night, when this creature show off, the number is one, but if someone whistles it make the number multiply and it will chase the person carrying the lantern.

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